I’ve been doing more wasabi than knit, so I’ll let you know what I’ve been up to…


I’m partway through a chemo cap for a friend’s sister…I’ve finished the rib, am 2 rounds into the pattern…and have already screwed up the pattern!  I need to focus on this in a quiet place just til I get the rhythm of it.  I’ve put a scarf in the naughty corner, since the cables on it are messing with my head.  And I found my half done clapotis!  Tho the stitch count is off.


Apparently, my knitting is all off.  But hey, I can fix it and go and fly with it, which is the best idea I think.  Oh, I did update my stash on Rav, which is a HUGE thing.  It’s all there now!  I love that.