Buffalo Thighs

No, not wings. Have you ever tried to get chicken wings outside of summertime here? Insane! Okay, I’m sure Tesco have them, but I’m not going in there. Hate them.

So…found a bottle of Frank’s Hot Sauce (Buffalo) at the Eurospar a few weeks ago. Got it, cause hello, BUFFALO wing sauce? All MINE. Plus, normally when you make buffalo wings, you need butter. The bottle said no butter needed for the making, and there was no butter in the sauce itself. Win for this allergic house!

I was very uninspired for dinner tonight. I don’t think food bloggers say that enough. We all have crap nights where it’s chipper or an Indian. This was one of those, but we have lots of food still in the house so couldn’t justify a takeaway. Enter the buffalo wing sauce.

No wings. Huh. I got some thighs at Lidl tho. So I cooked ’em all in the oven, nothing on them. After, put the boys chicken on their plates, served ’em up, and then put our chicken and smothered it in the sauce. I had whipped up a pseudo ranch dressing sauce (none of that blue cheese malarkey here) for dipping, and there you go.

P, amazingly, loved dipping his chips in the ranch/buffalo on my plate. At one point he got a little more buffalo than ranch, but overall? Win.

This is a storecupboard dinner that works great in a pinch. Yay me!