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Buffalo Thighs

No, not wings. Have you ever tried to get chicken wings outside of summertime here? Insane! Okay, I’m sure Tesco have them, but I’m not going in there. Hate them.

So…found a bottle of Frank’s Hot Sauce (Buffalo) at the Eurospar a few weeks ago. Got it, cause hello, BUFFALO wing sauce? All MINE. Plus, normally when you make buffalo wings, you need butter. The bottle said no butter needed for the making, and there was no butter in the sauce itself. Win for this allergic house!

I was very uninspired for dinner tonight. I don’t think food bloggers say that enough. We all have crap nights where it’s chipper or an Indian. This was one of those, but we have lots of food still in the house so couldn’t justify a takeaway. Enter the buffalo wing sauce.

No wings. Huh. I got some thighs at Lidl tho. So I cooked ’em all in the oven, nothing on them. After, put the boys chicken on their plates, served ’em up, and then put our chicken and smothered it in the sauce. I had whipped up a pseudo ranch dressing sauce (none of that blue cheese malarkey here) for dipping, and there you go.

P, amazingly, loved dipping his chips in the ranch/buffalo on my plate. At one point he got a little more buffalo than ranch, but overall? Win.

This is a storecupboard dinner that works great in a pinch. Yay me!


No better place

Really, is there a better place than this to be knitting?  I don’t think so.

beach knitting

Big Tree Beach.  We have been here most days of July and August.  Water isn’t as cold as last year, and there are lots of crabs for catching!

That is the All Seasons Cardi (yes, I know I’m still working on it, thanks) in Hyacinth I mentioned.  I tried it on a couple days ago because I got to the end of my ball of wool….on the cast-off row.  SERIOUSLY?!  So I’m adding two rows of garter stitch to it, then casting off.  It fits great, won’t need too much blocking.  SO excited…I wish I had it on Saturday when the weather was cold!  I had to put on SOCKS.  I haven’t worn socks in 5 weeks!!  (See that there?  That’s how I say the weather has been fab without actually saying the weather has been fab.)

Plans for today: cast off.  Make shopping list (I’m going off-island tomorrow and will hit up the big grocery store and the cheapie tourist shop for trinkets!).  Make list of recipes for the next two and a half weeks…cause then I’m coming back!  w00t!  Back to Dublin, getting the boys ready for school, trying to remember where things are and what we eat, lol.  It’s always a little confusing the first week :D.

Oh, I got a Knit Picks order!  I placed it with two other friends, and OMG, the WOOL.  OMG.  Did I say OMG yet?  Wooly wooly LOVELY wooly!  Can’t wait to do something with that too!  I got this great red DK that is screaming Christmas gifts to me.  Yes, I know I still need to do my Owls (hey, R, we need to Owl-a-long together!).

Right, back to doing all the stuff I can.  I’m at the town library who has a big fat Internet pipe and I’m uploading and downloading like mad.

/brushes off keyboard

A twitter friend asked for my blog address….which reminded me that I *have* a blog.  Duh.

Ironically, I’m making sushi rice today for dinner…and it’s raining….which means it’s a knitting and wasabi day /rimshot

On the needles is still my All Seasons Cardigan in Dublin Dye Company Merino Sock…colourway Hyacinth (no, it’s not available yet.  I want to see how it looks knit up before I dye more and sell it.  What do you all think?).  I’m almost done with the body, sleeves are left.  I’m supposed to have done it by now, and also almost be done with an Owls!  HA!

I did get some nice Quince and Co Puffin yarn, so excited about that.  I’ll be doing a nice cowl in it.  And I just found an alpaca farm that spins and sells their wool…right near where we are now!  Oh, going with camera in and and NO kids.

We head back in 3 weeks.  I have so much to do before then!  It’s been a fab summer tho…only a few rainy days, lots of heat and lots of friends!

Old skool

We had a power outage last night (the whole neighbourhood), and then when we got power back, part of the house was still tripping the breaker. This morning we narrowed it down to the dishwasher. Now I’m waiting to hear from people who know these things what we can do to fix it.

Lol, my phone just rang, a good friend calling. I pick it up and say “Hey there!” and all I hear is snuffling sounds, and then “JANE! GIVE MOMMY THE PHONE!” /cracks up laughing. She gets on and says “Oh, who is this?” and I”m laughing almost too hard to say. We both crack up and chat for a mo and then hang up. Was quite nice, actually….

Traveling with kids

The best way to stay on top of things for kids to do while traveling is when you see something, get it. Actually, that works for birthdays and Christmas too. But for kids, we signed up for Dover’s Weekly Sampler, and we get 2 pages from a selection of books. I’ve found some great books in the past few months, and we’re able to print out the pages. So there’s enough to keep them occupied, but not all the same thing. I have a folder on the desktop that is where all this stuff goes, and it will all get printed out and put into an A5 binder a few days before travelling, with a box of pencils or crayons. Easy peasy.


Really, did it come in like a lion?  I don’t think so.  A friend yesterday said that this time of year is tiring, because we’re almost out of winter…but not quite…then it gets warm and people get happy…then it’s cold and dreary again.  It takes a toll on the psyche, you do get more tired.  Maybe also cause the sun is rising earlier, so we all get woken up sooner.

But I’m loving the warmer weather.  Looking past the grey clouds, and looking forward to April, which I call Sunshower Month.  Oh yes, it should be capitalized.  Sunshower Month.  Cause the grey rain is exhausting, but the sunshowers just make me so damn happy.  They’re so pretty!