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Those of you who know me on social networks or (gasp) in real life know that my lovely husband, B, was diagnosed almost 7 weeks ago with acute myeloid leukemia (yes, I spell it the American way. Deal.) It’s been long enough now that we are pretty relaxed about it, which sounds silly, but it’s part of our life, not the shock it once was.  We’re hoping that now he’s completed the second round of chemo he can come home soonish, but we must be patient and wait for his numbers to come back up.  You can read all about our journey at our other blog,

That’s partly what I’m writing about here.  A lot of you know that one of the hotspots of the Dublin knitting scene is This Is Knit, a lovely wool shop now in City Centre.  When they were still in Blackrock, lo those many years ago, they taught me how to knit, and then I kept hanging around the shop til they finally hired me on a part time basis.

The friends that I’ve made in that shop are so dear to me. I don’t think I realized how important they are, or how determined they are, until B was diagnosed.

Feeling a bit helpless, one of them noticed, apparently, that real flowers aren’t allowed on the ward (due to the bugs/fungi that are in the soil/water/leaves/flowers, and the high risk of infection for people with compromised immune systems, like cancer patients).  “What?” I’m guessing the conversation went. “No real flowers?!  Well, fellow fibre folk, we must MAKE him some flowers!!”  So they upped sticks and hooks (one apparently upped hook ONLY for this: “I CROCHETED for this. Do you hear me?!”), and made a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from all types of yarn. It was given to me at a knitting group (Fibre Fun Friday, Southside!), and I presented them to B the next day.  He was stunned, and smiles at them still, 6 weeks or so later. Every nurse remarks on them, most of the doctors too. I think this is partly why B has started knitting, but don’t tell him that.

Every time I look at the bouquet, I smile and think of one of my amazing communities, that are helping us stay mentally afloat in this crazy storm.  I ❤ my fibery friends more than they know.



I’ve been doing more wasabi than knit, so I’ll let you know what I’ve been up to…


I’m partway through a chemo cap for a friend’s sister…I’ve finished the rib, am 2 rounds into the pattern…and have already screwed up the pattern!  I need to focus on this in a quiet place just til I get the rhythm of it.  I’ve put a scarf in the naughty corner, since the cables on it are messing with my head.  And I found my half done clapotis!  Tho the stitch count is off.


Apparently, my knitting is all off.  But hey, I can fix it and go and fly with it, which is the best idea I think.  Oh, I did update my stash on Rav, which is a HUGE thing.  It’s all there now!  I love that.